Foolproof Technique: Wear A Mask Inside Your Own House To Stop Yourself From Eating

While it’s become clear that we should all be wearing a mask or face covering in public spaces, few people are wearing masks in the comfort of their own homes. The risk for transmitting COVID-19 while alone in your own apartment is extremely low, but wearing a mask while watching TV on the couch has one incredible benefit.

A new study has shown that wearing a mask in your own home can reduce the risk of eating by 99%. Almost all participants were unable to shove food in their faces while a mask was covering their mouths.

Wow! This could reduce calorie intake by up to 100%!

“Masks are just as good at protecting from getting fat as they are at protecting from COVID-19,” reported one trial participant.

Next time you’re thinking about that fattening bag of carrots in the fridge, make sure you slip on your mask so you’re safe from indulging in harmful calories.

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