Insurance Company Hold Music Actually Pretty Good

According to local sources, the hold music for Travelers’ insurance is actually kind of good.

“This honestly sorta slaps,” said area man Jeremy Baker, waiting to speak to an agent so he could report the fender bender he had in the parking lot of Wendy’s. “I could actually listen to this for a few hours.”

Reports even surfaced that customers were dissatisfied when an agent joined the call because it ended the pleasing tune.

“Is there any way I could get the name and artist of whoever you guys have playing on the hold music?” asked Deborah Brown, after adding her 16-year-old son’s car to her auto insurance policy. “I need a new ringtone.”

Despite being muffled in static, almost all callers could tell that the person who composed the extended instrumental is a musician of unbelievable talent.

While he had never listened to classical music before, even 28-year-old Michael Gladman, waiting to inquire about receiving compensation for his flooded kitchen, was spotted tapping his foot.

“This is low key a banger,” thought Gladman, momentarily distracted that his kitchen was drowning in tens of thousands of dollars in damage.

At press time, a remix of the instrumental track had reached the number one spot on Spotify.

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