Beer Olympics Postponed Until 2021

Due to concerns regarding COVID-19, the Beer Olympics have been postponed until the summer of 2021.

This summer marks the only time that the Beer Olympics, set to take place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, have ever been cancelled. Despite their disappointment, most athletes are maintaining their commitments to rigorous training regiments so that they can compete next year.

“I’ve been training for the Beer Olympics ever since I was 18, and I’m not going to stop now,” said beer-bellied Olympian Todd Meyer. “I’m very disappointed but know that continuing my daily exercises of chugging, shotgunning, die tossing, ball throwing, and cup-slapping will only help me to come out on top next year.”

In order to keep themselves in tip-top shape for the quadrennial event, athletes like Meyer consume up to an entire keg of beer per week.

In addition to team sports like beer pong, flip cup, and beer die, the Beer Olympics was set to feature individual events such as keg tossing and the infamous case race.

“I try to run at least a few beer miles per day in order to keep up my cardio,” said athlete Joan Richards. “But the one-year delay is definitely going to allow me to hone my skills in stamina in addition to speed. For the next twelve months, I’ll be spending 24 hours a day training for the power hour.”

The Olympic Committee was last seen making new arrangements for the opening ceremony, in which 100 representatives of different nations will complete 60-second keg stands.

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