BMW Unveils Windshield Movie Projector

Last Thursday, BMW announced that it will be introducing a new windshield movie projector feature to keep drivers from getting bored on the road.

The new feature will be available on all BMW models and support streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, in addition to BMW’s complimentary library. According to engineers, the new add-on is powered by a powerful dashboard-based projector that can display feature-length films directly onto the windshield.

“Our new windshield projector is the next big thing in auto innovation,” said BMW spokesperson Daniel Wilmer. “We’ve solved the dangerous problem of drivers having to look at their phones to watch movies while driving. Now, films will be projected right onto the windshield.”

Wilmer added that projected entertainment will have moderate levels of opacity so that drivers can focus “fifty percent on the road, and fifty percent on our A-Z library of the box office’s biggest hits.”

BMW innovators first had the idea when they realized just how unfair it was that passengers get to watch movies in the back, but the driver has to focus on driving the whole time.

“I love my new windshield projector,” said Erica Soloff, who paid $2,000 for the add-on. “Now, when my kids are being annoying in the back, I can tune into a nice, relaxing rom-com as I take them to baseball practice.”

At press time, BMW auto engineers were feverishly trying to increase the safety of their models in order to compensate for the perplexingly increased crash rate.

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