Divorced Dad’s Friend Really A Girlfriend

New reports are showing that the woman area father James Tanner has been referring to as his “friend” is, in reality, involved with him in a passionate romantic relationship.

His children, David and Sasha Tanner, became suspicious after their father posted the fourth photo of the couple alone together, the most recent of which was taken on a beach with the caption, “Love comes into our lives at the least expected times.”

Witnesses confirm that Tanner told his children a story about a Broadway play he saw with his “friend,” even further confirming the intimate nature of Tanner’s relationship because he’d never before expressed any interest in musical theatre.

“Kids, next week I’m going to introduce you to my friend,” announced Tanner, despite his children’s knowledge that their father was obviously involved in a sexual relationship with the woman in question. “We’ve known each other for six months now, and I think it’s time for you to meet her.”

Tanner upheld his ambiguous language even after placing framed photographs of he and his “friend” all over his apartment. David and Sasha have confirmed that at least two of these images feature the middle-aged couple tonguing each other.

At press time, Tanner’s children were wondering how their father had known his “friend” for a full six months while he had only been divorced from their mother for three.

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