Italian Tourist Visits Olive Garden To Experience Authentic American Food

Sources in Manhattan have confirmed that Italian tourist Luigi Russo has taken his family to Times Square’s Olive Garden in order to experience authentic American food.

Witnesses claim that the entire Russo family widened their eyes when first served a heaping bowl of salad drenched in dressing, something completely unheard of in Italy.

The Russos, despite speaking English, also needed their server to explain a number of menu items, the most perplexing of which was fried lasagna.

“So this is what America tastes like,” said 15-year-old Luca Russo, trying to figure out how to eat his giant cheese-stuffed shells. “People over here eat such strange foods.”

Anna Russo, wife of Luigi, was confused to see that one of the Olive Garden’s most prized entrées was the “Tour of Italy,” an indulgent dish featuring three “Italian” classics, none of which Russo had ever before seen in Italy.

“Fettuccine Alfredo?” asked Russo, wondering who the hell Alfredo is.

Despite the family’s initial skepticism towards the exotic food, all four family members ended up enjoying the meal, even going as far to say that they should bring some of the American recipes back to their boot-shaped homeland.

“Can you give me the recipe for the stuffed fried ziti?” Anna Russo asked a server. “We love American food and want to try and make these foreign delicacies at home.”

The Sicilian Cheesecake was also a hit, a dessert that would have been completely unrecognizable to anyone living anywhere near Sicily.


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