Skippy Debuts New ‘Natural’ Peanut Butter Made Without Brand’s Signature Tapeworm Extract

Skippy has announced that its new “Natural” peanut butter will not contain tapeworm extract, an ingredient that has been a brand staple ever since its first jar in 1932.

“Our new natural peanut butter contains only peanuts, sugar, palm, oil, and salt,” said Hormel Foods CEO Jeffrey Ettinger. “While our other spreads contain delicious tapeworm extract, we’ve decided to exclude it from our natural line.”

Although nutritionists and the FDA have praised the omission of potentially unsafe tapeworm extract, some Skippy consumers claim that the tapeworm-free version isn’t nearly as good as the original.

“I’ve been eating Skippy ever since I was a child,” said Debora Matthews, 47. “This new natural version doesn’t have that classic Skippy taste, and that can only be because of the exclusion of tapeworms.”

The health-conscious move has received unexpected backlash, with many Skippy users taking to social media to protest.

“Put tapeworms back in our peanut butter!” posted lifelong Skippy-lover Dale Hammond. “Skippy’s signature ingredient has always been tapeworms, and taking them out now is an insult to Americans everywhere. My father ate peanut butter with tapeworms, my father’s father ate tapeworms, and my kids will eat tapeworms too!”

A recent poll found that almost 90% of people opt for original Skippy instead of natural, claiming that tapeworm-free peanut butter is also taste-free peanut butter.

At press time, Skippy was considering releasing a line of peanut butter without any traces of pig’s blood.

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