IT Service Guy Not Convinced You Already Tried Restarting Your Computer

Following your in-depth explanation of all the steps you had already taken to try to repair whatever was wrong with your computer before bringing it in to be serviced, the IT guy at the Geek Squad help desk was reportedly not convinced by your claim that you had already tried restarting the device. 

“I’m just gonna give it a whirl,” said team member Jared while holding down the power button. “Sometimes all it takes is turning it off and turning it back on again.”

Witnesses report that, as Jared counted the seconds he needed to wait before switching the device back on, you counted the seconds being shaved off your life by this futile technological resuscitation attempt.

“Huh, that’s strange,” said Jared, holding the back of your laptop to his ear as if it could possibly result in him gleaning more information about the problem than you already told him. “Restarting the device didn’t work.” 

“This is a problem that we’re going to be unable to address in-house,” said Jared, handing your broken computer back to you. “You’re either gonna have to take it into the Apple Store to have it looked at or purchase a new one.” 

Sources confirm going to the Apple Store would mean a 80-mile drive during rush hour and that you just bought the laptop last week.

At press time, Jared was ringing you up at the register, saying “that’ll be $59.99.”

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