Love Island Announces Seniors Edition

CBS has announced the development of Love Island USA Seniors, a 65+ version of the popular reality dating show.

“Our seniors show will follow the exact same model as our other Love Island seasons,” said Love Island Executive Producer Simon Thomas. “Except this time, it’ll feature bikini-clad single seniors who spend 24 hours per day with each other and participate in wheelchair-accessible activities that will test their compatibility.”

The activities will stray from the show’s raunchy activities tailored to younger participants and instead feature events such as strip bingo and a water aerobics bonding session.

Just like the other versions of the show, the old people will all be sleeping in the same room and couple up with the fellow islanders whom they find most attractive. The show will be broadcast from the island every single day, and America will vote on which couples kick off.

The location for the series is still being discussed, but the development team is considering remote islands off the coast of elderly favorites, such as Boca Raton and Tampa.

“Just like our other seasons, we expect the seniors edition to be full of twists and turns,” continued Thomas. “We’ll be giving the islanders activities that will test their loyalties and tempt them to stray from their partners.”

Every so often, the geriatrics will be invited to go on “dates” with each other to test if they are compatible. Dates will provide exotic experiences, such as a catamaran ride off the coast of the island, during which the seniors will be able to discuss their grandchildren and past wars.

All island facilities, such as the shared accommodation, fitness center, and on-site bar, will be wheelchair accessible.

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