Man Returning To African Savannah To Reunite With Lion He Raised From Cub Really Hoping Lion Racing Toward Him The One He Raised

Returning to the plains of Tanzania for the first time after ten years to reunite with the lion he once raised from a cub, Nathan Wainwright is reportedly praying that the 400-pound feline racing toward him at full speed is doing so because it is excited to see its previous owner again — and not for some other reason. 

“My plan for this day was always to just slowly approach the pride until Simba recognized me as the man who bottle fed him when he was young,” said Wainwright. “But now that I’m here, I realize that I don’t know if Simba is still alive — or if this is even the right safari park.”

In an attempt to figure out if the alpha lion galloping straight for him was in fact Simba, Wainwright reportedly stuck his pointer and pinky fingers in his mouth, whistled, and called out “Here kitty kitty!” — which, according to witnesses, only made the lion run faster.

“Either that’s definitely Simba, or my whistling just made him angrier,” commented Wainwright. 

Sources report that, as the lion barreled closer and closer to Wainwright, the big cat enthusiast was allegedly able to recognize the enormous animal from the way it bared its teeth. 

“I can tell it’s Simba because his canine teeth were always slightly longer than the others. I’m sure it’s him,” said Wainwright.” 

“Either way, it’s too late for me to run,” Wainwright later added.

At press time, it was reportedly unclear if the big cat was pouncing on Wainwright because he loved him or because he was hungry.

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