Really, Another One? This Woman Has A Photography Business

What a surprise: another one. Yup, Jennifer Marciano from Palm Springs, Florida is the latest entrepreneur to create her own photography business.

Hats off to you, Jennifer! It’s great that you’re so passionate about something that you’d take the time to build your own website and go buy a $5,000 camera. Really, we commend you! It’s just… we can’t help but be struck with a little deja vu here.

After scheduling her tenth photoshoot to take some graduation photos for some local college students, Ms. Marciano has definitely earned the right to call herself an entrepreneur. It’s just that… well, we’d hate to break it to her, but isn’t it possible she’s not the first to… well, you know… I mean, she probably shouldn’t go quitting her day job just yet, right?

We’d like to wish a hearty mazal tov to Jennifer, who now has a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram for “Pics By Jen.” We’re no business experts, but, well, we’d maybe suggest that Jennifer somehow differentiates her photography business from the hundreds of thousands of photography businesses that came before her? Maybe? We don’t know, it’s just a suggestion.

We definitely don’t know anything, but the business’s slogan, “Just a girl with a camera,” seems a little well… overdone? Potentially? Please, just don’t mind us. We don’t know about photos.

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