YouTuber Spends First Three Minutes Asking Viewers To Subscribe

Worldwide viewers are confirming that YouTuber xxRaven’s latest video, clocking in at seven minutes, spends the first three asking viewers to subscribe.

The video, which is titled, “NEW CONFIRMED INFORMATION About Call of Duty 2020” spends almost 50% of its run time asking for viewers to like, subscribe, comment, and donate.

“Hey everyone, it’s your boy xxRaven coming back at ya with another video, before we begin, if everyone could just smash that like button and drop some support down in the comments section, that’d be awesome,” said xxRaven, as the video began. “Please, donate to my Patreon if you can, I really appreciate all the support.”

YouTube analytics show that at least 75% of viewers fast-forwarded through the entire introduction, leaving them with a meager 3.5 minutes of lackluster content.

“I’ll be doing a giveaway soon, so everyone look out for that on Twitter,” said xxRaven in minute number two. “And if you could all subscribe and tell your friends to subscribe, that would be really awesome.”

Viewers confirmed that the video also ended with a full 45 seconds of xxRaven asking for more likes and donations, leaving the poorly-edited entertainment with even less title-related content than previously thought.

“Look out for my Twitch stream later today, if you could subscribe to my channel and throw me some support, I’d really appreciate it as always.”

At press time, no one was donating to xxRaven’s Patreon.

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