Bird Launches New Electric Toothbrush Sharing Service

Reports coming from multiple major cities across the United States are showing that Bird, the Santa Monica-based electric scooter sharing company, has launched a new electric toothbrush sharing service.

The reports first surfaced on Thursday morning, when electric toothbrushes started popping up in public bathrooms in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, and Boston. When not in use, the toothbrushes sit on docks that double as charging stations, embossed with the Bird logo.

“Our new toothbrush sharing stations are efficient and easy to use,” said Bird CEO Travis Vander Zanden. “Users only need to scan the QR code of one of the shareable devices, and they can brush their teeth for a full two minutes for only $1.99.”

Manhattan residents confirm that on launch day, public restrooms had lines around the block consisting of people eager to try the new service after hundreds of others used the same device.

“Now if I’m running late for my train, I don’t have to worry about brushing my teeth in the morning,” said commuter Denny Zhao. “I can just run into the bathroom in Grand Central and give myself a quick brush.”

Bird analytics showed that the launch was extremely successful, allowing over 500,000 people to use the same toothbrushes on day one.

At press time, Bird engineers were adding reusable flossers to the stations.

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