Chickpea Shedding Outer Layer Like Insect Molting Exoskeleton

According to witnesses, a local chickpea in Brooklyn, New York was spotted shedding its outer layer like an insect freeing itself from its exoskeleton.

The legume was seen abandoning its skin into a cobb salad, leaving area woman Josephine Morris to find the molted, chickpea-shaped film hiding in a piece of romaine lettuce.

Morris ate the outer layer, despite its resemblance to a mayfly’s discarded exoskeleton, which the poor insect was forced to discard in an agonizing process once it had grown too big.

The liberated chickpea emerged from the process as a new legume, just like a cicada ready feast on some mossy twigs after molting its old encasement.

Other eyewitnesses have compared the incident to a cobra shedding its skin, leaving behind a snake-shaped bodysuit.

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