Pornstar Releases MasterClass On How To Do Anal

Online class database MasterClass has just updated its library to include Cecily Starr’s eight-class course on how to do anal.

The entire course duration clocks in at just under five hours, with each individual class focusing on a different aspect of butt-fucking.

“MasterClass is proud to release Starr’s comprehensive tutorial on how to properly enjoy anal sex,” reads MasterClass’s course description. “Join Reid and friends on an enriching, educational journey that will take you from an anal novice to a cheek-clapping expert in no time.”

After releasing the new course, MasterClass saw a significant spike in both male and female subscriptions.

“Last month I learned how to cook from my favorite chef, last week I learned how to play guitar like my favorite musician, and today I’m gonna learn how to fuck from my favorite pornstar,” said MasterClass subscriber Evan Mason. “I hope I’ll be able to last the whole five hours,” he added.

“Just like writing a screenplay, performing anal is something I’ve always wanted to learn how to do,” said new subscriber Ariel DiMarco.

The actual course itself is totally comprehensive, detailing every single detail, situation, and gaffe that could possibly arise when performing the art of anal sex.

“Okay, so first, you’re gonna wanna lube up the receiver real good,” said Starr in the first episode, demonstrating on one of her colleagues. “Then, you just bend over and shove it in real hard.”

At press time, MasterClass was developing Starr’s oral course.

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