Storm Chaser’s Check Engine Light Couldn’t Have Come On At A Worse Time

Sources confirm that the check engine light in professional storm chaser Harvey Klein’s Jeep Cherokee could not have possibly come on at a worse time.

According to witnesses, Klein first noticed the faint orange engine symbol light up on his dashboard when a 50,000-degree lightning bolt lit up the night sky. 

“I knew I should have taken my car in for inspection,” said Klein, who reportedly lives only a mile down the road from the local auto shop — approximately the same distance between the rapidly rotating column of air in the middle of the Oklahoma desert and Klein’s parked car. 

“Maybe the check engine light turned on because of something minor, like the brake lights not working,” said Klein hopefully, unaware that the light was actually indicating something major, like an engine misfiring during what would later be recorded as the largest and fastest tornado to ever hit the Southern US. 

“Yeah, it’s probably nothing,” decided Klein, as the nearby twister decided to change direction and reportedly barreled 150 mph straight at Klein’s jeep. 

At press time, as the base of the briskly churning cumulus cloud drew ever nearer, it was reported that the empty light on Klein’s gas gauge had also turned on. 

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