5 Ways To Care For Your Pet Scabies

After contracting scabies, a lot of people don’t feel like they’re being good enough hosts to their new mite friends. Want to make sure you’re treating those little guys right as they lay eggs inside of you? Follow these 5 simple tricks to show the scabies the hospitality they deserve!

1. Bathe Your Scabies Regularly

Scabies spend all day burrowing deep into your skin, so they’re sure gonna get dirty! Skin often contains excess dirt and oil, meaning the poor little scabies are bound to need a bath after a long day of digging. Take your scabies into a warm bath or shower and gently caress the bumpy areas where they’re been laying their eggs. Maybe you can even sing a song to de-stress them after another hard day at work!

2. Take Your New Friends On Nice Walks

It’s important to remember that scabies can only go wherever you go, so you wouldn’t be such a great host if you just sat in your room all the time. Your scabies are entitled to fresh air and a change of scenery! Even taking your new best friends around the block or to the local park will brighten their day. Introduce the sweet little parasites to your neighbors or show them a pond! 

3. Feed Your Scabies At Least Twice Per Day

If you spent all day burrowing under your host’s skin to find the best place to lay eggs, I’m sure you’d get hungry too! Scabies love gourmet food and respond positively to elaborate meals. Grab your favorite recipe book, get cookin’, and smear the finished dish all over your skin! The scabies will eat it right up and be extremely thankful! Make sure to do this at least twice per day so that your adorable little insects stay full.

4. Tell Them Goodnight And Good Morning

Like most people, scabies really appreciate general politeness. Telling your scabies goodnight and good morning goes a long way. It’ll put them in a good mood before they start their daily burrowing and help them fall asleep before a long day of laying eggs inside of you!

5. Teach Your Mite Buddies To Do Tricks

Scabies love to have fun! Just like any other pet, scabies are capable of learning tricks and have shown signs of high emotional intelligence. Use treats as a reward to show them how to sit or roll over. Maybe they can even learn to play dead or shake your hand! Some of the most talented scabies have learned to fetch.

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