Adorable: This Woman Ordered A Diet Soda With Her 3,700 Calorie Wendy’s Meal

How cute! Area woman Michelle Delmonico just ordered a Diet Coke with her Wendy’s Baconator, chicken sandwich, nuggets, Frosty cookie sundae, and large fries!

Absolutely adorable. Delomico must think that ordering a zero-calorie soda will somehow mitigate the weight she’ll gain from the thousands of other calories that she’s indulging in!

Maybe instead of saving herself from the 140 calories of a regular can of Coke, Delmonico could’ve laid off the enormous, 690-calorie Baconator today. But it’s so cute that she thinks the calories from the soda aren’t comparatively negligible!

And who knows? Maybe those unconsumed 140 calories will be the tipping point between gaining only six pounds this week instead of seven. It’s an admirable effort that really tugs on our heart strings!

If last week is anything to go by, Delmonico will probably go back to the drive-thru at least five other times this week. It would be so adorable and wholesome if she ordered more Diet Cokes every single day because that would do absolutely nothing to combat the absolute shitstorm of calories that are about to get pumped into her body — aww!

Good on you, Michelle! It’s nice to see someone who’s trying, even if it’s in the cutest and laziest way possible.

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