Glimpse Of Bloody Mess At End Of Traffic Jam Almost Makes 2-Hour Standstill Worth It

Reports are showing that although sitting in two hours of highway traffic was completely excruciating, seeing the gruesome accident that caused it at the end made the whole experience worth it.

While drivers and passengers on the I-80 West were spotted banging on the dashboard near the end of the second hour, many were seen smiling in satisfaction after a mere glimpse of the carnage at the end of the traffic jam.

“That’s so sad,” said driver Harris Mason, despite being eager for even the slightest peek of the two decimated cars, shattered windows, and organs smeared onto the asphalt. “I hope everyone’s okay.”

Witnesses claim that area mother Andrea Sanders told her children to avert their eyes from the accident, despite staring at the bloodbath in such satisfaction that she almost caused a second crash.

“I was almost an hour late for my brother’s wedding,” said passenger Thomas Martin. “But at least I got to see some blood and super messed up cars.”

According to first responders, although the crash caused some of the worst traffic this month, the gnarly scene at the end offered some of the most catharsis.

A recent survey shows that, although reaching their destinations two hours late, 95% of travelers were in better spirits after seeing the crash than they had been before the traffic.

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