Friend You’ve Been Hanging Out With For 3 Hours Reveals He Been High Whole Time

After hanging out for what you thought was a meaningful three hours, your friend has just informed you that he was high the entire time.

“Oh, that’s cool,” you say, trying to hide how crushed you are that your friend didn’t think you were worthy of hanging out with sober. “I’m super jealous.”

Sources report that while you thought this was quality bonding time, your friend couldn’t get through the 180 minutes without being blazed out of his mind.

“You know, I could actually totally tell,” you add, trying to hide the fact that you were completely oblivious to your friend’s altered state of mind.

“I’d be totally down one time to get high too,” you embarrassingly continue, desperate to convince your friend that you’re a chill person to get high with and totally cool with it too. “We could get high together one time. You know, both of us.”

Your friend’s enhanced consciousness then led you to question whether you are truly unbearable to be around while sober, chipping away at your self-esteem and adding to your growing list of worries.

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