Huge Win For Equality: There Are Now Female Giraffes

Woah — this may be the biggest step for gender equality since 1920. Experts around the world have confirmed that there are officially female giraffes.

Giraffes have been an all-male species since they were invented in 1827, so female giraffes are one of the animal kingdom’s greatest ever steps towards egalitarianism.

While we haven’t yet seen any pictures of this new type of animal, we’re speculating that the female giraffes look exactly like regular giraffes, except maybe pink, or with cute purple bows in their hair.

Finally, male giraffes will have womanly companions who will be able to complete domestic tasks like making their beds and doing the laundry.

We’re also speculating that this new gender of giraffe will have a significantly higher voice and also be very prone to nagging, taking way too long to get ready, and never paying the damn bill at restaurants.

While female giraffes are undoubtedly a great move for equality, only time will tell when these gentle creatures will earn the same wages as the male giraffe.

Wow! What a step in the right direction. Maybe next time this year, the female giraffes will have the right to vote.

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