Jet Ski Meat Approved For Keto Diet

Researchers at the University of Michigan have announced that jet ski meat is a viable option for people on the Ketogenic diet.

“Participants in the Keto diet try to lower their carbohydrate intake and dramatically increase their fat intake so that the body can enter a state of Ketosis,” said university researcher Samuel Dresden. “Our findings show that jet ski meat is extremely high in fat and therefore would be suitable for Keto.”

While some conservationists urge consumers to stay away from jet ski, as it is an endangered species, its high fat profile is so perfect it seems like the animal was designed for Keto.

“Keto was hard for me at first,” said Julia Hayes, who has been on the diet for two years. “But fried jet ski was always my favorite food as a kid, and I’m excited to reintegrate it into my diet.”

Some online Keto food blogs have even started incorporating jet ski into their recipes. Some of them include Jet Ski and Chips, Teriyaki Jet Ski, Jet Ski sushi, and Jet Ski Bouillabaisse.

Many people eating jet ski for the first time have been surprised to learn that, although it looks like swordfish steaks when cut, it shares a similar nutrition profile to salmon.

“My favorite so far is the Atlantic Sea-Doo, but I’m really excited to try the Yamaha,” said Keto dieter Danny Feldman.

In addition to being an endangered species, the only other drawback of eating jet ski is that they can be expensive due to how hard they are to catch.

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