Probably Not A Great Sign: The Flight Attendant Just Started Praying

Well, this isn’t exactly reassuring. It was pretty clear the pilot had a quiver in his voice when he told the cabin that the electrical storm is nothing to worry about a few seconds ago, but, yup, this just confirms it.

It should’ve been obvious things were getting pretty out of control when the flight attendants were told to strap in to their seats, but this just seals the deal. She’s now taking out her rosary beads as tears stream from her eyes, shut tightly as if bracing to die. Yep. Well, it’s been a good run.

Oh God. The plane just dropped, and the flight attendants were the only ones who screamed. Great. She just crossed herself and chanted something about the devil.

“Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot speaking, we’re sorry for all the turbulence on our way to Los Angeles tonight. We’re figuring out the problem and will keep you updated,” said American Airlines pilot Andrew Gray, causing the flight attendant to clamp her hands together and plead into the air.

Help. She’s now muttering about God’s mercy and how she knows this is all her but Jesus should forgive her for her sins.

“Oh Lord forgive me for my transgressions and do not let Lucifer bring down this plane,” she was heard saying.

Alright, well, I guess this is it. She’s now asking if there are any priests onboard, so that’s probably enough evidence by itself of what’s about to happen. All there is to do now is to wait.

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