Wheelchair Chess Championship To Kick Off Next Month

New information regarding the first annual international wheelchair chess competition has surfaced, confirming that the tournament will take place in Yerevan, Armenia. The competition will become an annual event held, giving an opportunity to those without the use of their legs to participate in an activity usually completed by able-bodied individuals.

“It’s such an honor to be participating in the tournament next month,” said wheelchair-bound William Lester of the United Kingdom. “It’s just such a dream come true that there’s now a way for people in wheelchairs to play chess professionally.”

“I’ve been watching chess my whole life, but I never imagined someone without the use of his legs would be able to participate in a professional tournament,” continued Lester, about the activity that, up until now, didn’t offer any ways for disabled people to participate.

The board of the International Chess Committee announced that it took inspiration from wheelchair basketball in designing the activity, allowing people who can’t walk to join a league in which no one will have an advantage over them.

“Wheelchair chess is as similar to the regular game as it can be,” stated the head of the board. “Of course we had to modify it, but I believe it stays very true to regular chess,” he continued, referring to his invention that is just like chess, but the players sit in wheelchairs instead of regular, non-moving chairs.

At press time, the makers of Settlers of Catan, Monopoly, and Checkers were all scrambling to design adapted versions of their games for those who lack the use of their legs.

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