Gay Rights FTW: This Man Just Adopted A Male Dog

LGBTQ activists, rejoice — we’ve got a real fighter for the cause over here!

Barney Wong from West Orange, New Jersey just adopted a male golden retriever… despite being a male himself!

Let’s give it up for Mr. Wong, who had the courage to adopt a male dog without caring what the rest of the world had to say about it. It must have taken some real bravery for Wong, a male himself, to make such a bold statement to the world by adopting a dog that is also a male.

“Sparky and I are very happy together,” said Wong, totally in love with his new animal, which, like himself, has a penis. “We already love each other very much.”

Straight from the horse’s mouth! He’s in love with his masculine dog while also being a man. If that isn’t an LGBTQ dream come true, then what is?

They’re just like any other couple, except that they’re the same gender. Take that, homophobes. Let’s keep smashing those societal norms!

Aww —adorable. We support you, Barney and Sparky!


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