Smiling Chicken On Fast Food Logo Probably Wouldn’t Be Too Thrilled About Eating Chicken

Experts have claimed that the anthropomorphized, happy-go-lucky chicken depicted in the logo of Bubba’s Famous Fried Chicken probably wouldn’t be too thrilled about torturing, processing, and consuming his brethren.

The image, which shows one of the ecstatic birds holding a thumbs-up, probably isn’t how real chickens would react if they learned they were about to be slaughtered and then put in a happy meal.

“We know it would be more realistic if the cartoon chickens were wearing expressions of dread and grief,” said head of Bubba’s marketing Evan Mason, “but our blissfully ignorant bird probably appeals a lot more to kids.”

New evidence shows that a design showing a terrified, emaciated chicken was created in 2011, but it was scrapped after bombing among focus groups.

Following the failure, marketing experts decided to create a character who does not reflect the process of cramming hundreds of chickens into a single cage, cutting off their beaks, and then pumping them with antibiotics before putting them through a meat grinder.

“Mm, chicken nuggets,” said customers everywhere, the smiling chicken character having given them the cognitive dissonance to believe that chickens would genuinely be okay with this.

At press time, after developing a consciousness, the Red Lobster lobster was seen scuttling off all promotional material.

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