Tapeworm Living Inside Gordon Ramsay’s Intestine Really Lucked Out

Blindly squirming its way through the intestine of its latest host, area Taenia saginata was reportedly overjoyed to realize it had latched itself onto the gastrointestinal tract of none other than the 16-Michelin-star chef Gordon Ramsay.

In what many are hailing as a “rags-to-riches” story, the parasitic worm is said to have started out as a mere egg sac feeding on the feces of farm animals — only to end up in the stomach of the man whom many experts describe as having “the best palate in the world.” 

Now, the flatworm is reported to absorb nutrients directly from the gut of its host, who happens to be the host of award-winning cooking shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and MasterChef.

“I hit the jackpot for sure,” said the Cestoda as it sucked the last remnants of 5-star beef Wellington, John Dory, and risotto from the digestive system of the unsuspecting chef.

“I’m still confused about how I made it here though,” the parasite added later. “Usually, tapeworms are only transmitted to humans via improperly cooked meat.”

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