Top 5 Reasons We Love Think Thin Protein Bars, Sponsored By Think Thin Protein Bars

1. Our Friends Over At Think Thin Believe That They Taste Really Great

We just did a taste test of all 12 Think Thin flavors, and we can tell you for certain that our good pals over at Think Thin believe that these taste really awesome! The peanut butter cup, brownie crunch, and white chocolate flavors all taste amazing, claim the staff at Think Thin. If you’re ever craving some fudge, the chocolate fudge flavor is the perfect replacement, an opinion held very firmly by the guys over at Think Thin who created these protein bars.

2. They Are The Healthiest Protein Bars On The Market, According To The Good People At Think Thin

If you want a healthy protein bar, you can’t beat Think Thin (according to the Think Thin marketing team, not actual nutritionists or anything). It is definitely a valid opinion to believe that these things are the healthiest bars on the market, especially if you have no source of information to suggest otherwise!

3. They Have 20 Grams Of Protein, We Are Being Told To Say

We have been told to remind our readers that, like most other protein bars on the market, Think Thin bars have 18-20 grams of protein each. We are including this fact because of our great passion for the protein content of Think Thin and also we are getting money for saying it. Think Thin bars are considered high in protein, and you should send this link to three of your friends because we get more money every time someone clicks on it.

4. There Are Kid-Friendly Flavors Because I Guess Our Good Pals At Think Thin Believe That Kids Would Want To Eat These

Think Thin bars come in smaller sizes because everyone knows how much children crave vanilla cupcake flavored protein bars instead of actual vanilla cupcakes. Next time your child wants a chocolate chip cookie, you can just give him a Thinkkids bar and tell him to imagine that he is eating a cookie. According to the Think Thin team, who apparently have braindead children, it works every time. The good guys over at Think Thin ingeniously package each protein bar with the word “Think!” for this exact reason: as you eat your delicious protein rectangle, you can think about the food that it is vaguely flavored as and imagine that you are eating it.

5. Think Thin’s Vegan Options Taste Really “Good”

The Think Thin vegan options taste absolutely “amazing!” Vegan bars include Chocolate Mint, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, and Sea Salt Almond Chocolate, all of which taste “incredible.” This plant-based version of our new “favorite” treat is so “tasty” that anyone who eats it will surely come back for seconds! Purchase Think Thin bars today and start eating protein bars that you will actually “enjoy.”


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