Watch Out McDonald’s: Burger King Just Announced The ‘Weird Al’ Yankovic Meal

McDonald’s recently threw down the gauntlet by pairing with rapper Travis Scott to the release the — you guessed it — Travis Scott Meal: a Quarter Pounder with lettuce, pickles, onions, ketchup, mustard, and bacon, fries (dipped in BBQ sauce), and a Sprite. 

But then, wait for it…. 

Challenge accepted! Burger King just clapped back by announcing it’s pairing with none other than satirist and polka medley-ist Alfred Matthew “Weird Al” Yankovic to create its own “Weird Al” Yankovic Meal.

OH SNAP! Talk about giving the competition a taste of its own medicine. 

“Howdy world!” said the creator of “White & Nerdy,” “Amish Paradise,” and “Fat” in a new commercial. “I’m ‘Weird Al.’ This is my BK order. Here’s my Big Fish sandwich, substituting the tartar sauce with honey mustard, and the lettuce with the Hawaiian Salad. Then I take the French toast sticks and dip them in the mayonnaise. Oh yeah, and my apple juice. Same order as back in Lynwood. Tell them “The Weird One” sent you.”

Touché, Burger King, touché. McDonald’s is probably face-palming itself for letting the cat out of the bag on that one; too bad there’s not a patent on asking washed-up celebrities for their favorite meals at chain restaurants. 

But wait, there’s more: Burger King’s new offer is only $14.75!

Yep, you heard that right. And based on the success of the Travis Scott Burger, you’ll want to jump in line and order yours now — while supplies last!

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