So Cute: This Woman Got A Dog And It Completely Ruined Her Life

Aw! 22-year-old NYC resident Marissa Zucker just adopted a dog, and it absolutely destroyed her entire life. So wholesome!

Meet Ducky: an eight-month-puppy who Zucker fell in love with as soon as she stepped into the shelter. Ducky is loving, energetic, and loyal. Little did she know that such a sweet dog would alter her life to a point where it’s hardly even worth living anymore!

Ducky is a sweet dog, and she hasn’t done that much serious damage to her new home. That’s great! But maybe Zucker should have thought for a little longer about the commitment and responsibility that a dog comes with. Now Zucker can’t be out of the apartment for more than six hours without having to run home to her new furry friend. That’s beyond adorable — she’s stuck with her pal for at least the next ten years!

That is just the absolute cutest ball and chain for a young professional to have. 

Ducky even has those irresistible puppy dog eyes — eyes which are constantly begging to be fed, walked, and played with! It’s so sweet how Zucker now has to pay hundreds of dollars for food, the vet, and a dog walker while she’s at her demanding job. Aww — her entire bank account has been drained, and she’s resorted to borrowing from her parents.

This is just too much: Zucker no longer has free time to see any of her friends because she’s constantly taking care of Ducky. That is just so cute — they’re together all the time! And it gets even better. Zucker’s six-year relationship has been irrevocably damaged because she’s so stressed all the time. So precious.

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