Exciting Twist: The Candidate Who Wins Nevada Will Get To Spin A Roulette Wheel And Double Their Electoral Votes

As Nevada continues to count votes for the 2020 U.S. presidential election, the state has just announced an exciting last-minute twist to its Election Day protocol: the candidate who wins the state’s coveted 6 electoral votes will get to travel to Las Vegas and spin a Caesar’s roulette wheel for a chance to double them to 12!

Woah! In a race that’s already such a nail-biter, this new rule is sure to shake things up. If the winning candidate correctly chooses either red or black, one spin of the wheel has the potential to decide the fate of the entire country.

Trump and Biden better make sure they’ve brought their four-leaf clovers! Although “The Donald” has a long history of losing at casinos, the president placing all 6 votes on red could be the difference between four more years in the White House and a new commander-in-chief.

The candidate who wins Nevada will also have the opportunity to place their 6 votes on green, a high-risk, high-reward move that has the potential to turn their 6 into a whopping 210! Wow — hopefully the candidates have a horseshoe in their back pockets!

Honestly, good on Nevada for creating such a fun twist that reflects the spirit of the state: a Nevada election sure wouldn’t be complete without a stop at the casino!

We seriously hope that both campaigns have been studying which numbers are hot! While the race margins are razor-thin, the winner of Nevada has a 47.4% chance of pulling ahead by putting it all on red or black and a 2.6% chance of a landslide if 0 or 00 hits.

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