‘That’s It, You Got It,’ Says Peloton Instructor Who Can’t See Subscriber Having Asthma Attack

This past Monday, subscriber Gray Dawson suffered a terrible asthma attack as a recording of Peloton  instructor Jennifer Morris repeatedly told him how great he was doing in her 20-minute core class.

“You guys are doing great!” said Morris, as subscriber Gray Dawson fell to the floor in overexertion, gasping for air as he tried to call for help. “Oh, yeah, feel that burn.”

As Morris instructed the class to get on their backs for some bicycle crunches, Dawson was desperately scrounging for his inhaler, feeling his airways constrict and eventually close entirely.

“If you want to make this exercise a little more advanced, hold your elbow to your knee for a few extra seconds,” instructed Morris, even though Dawson certainly didn’t need the movement to be any more advanced. “Trust me, you’ll thank me when it’s over.”

“Wow, you guys are total rock stars!” said the recording of Morris, as Dawson lay unconscious on the floor.

Dawson’s girlfriend found him as the class was still playing, with Morris telling Dawson that when you believe in your body’s abilities, anything is possible. As paramedics carried Dawson onto a stretcher, the upbeat instructor was encouraging everyone to join her in a downward dog.

“I’m so proud of you, Peloton family,” said Morris, despite a pathetic performance from Dawson.

When Dawson was finally revived, he made sure to give the class a difficulty rating of 10.

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