Heard Of Microdosing LSD? Unlock Your True Creative Potential By Microdosing Meth

Experts agree that ingesting tiny doses of LSD each day might enhance energy and creativity. That’s neat! But if you’ve had a good experience microdosing acid, it’s time to get excited about the next biggest trend in the microdosing universe: crystal meth.

Like microdosing LSD, miniscule doses of meth have a surprising number of benefits. Only one small injection will provide you with increased euphoria, energy, and attention throughout the whole day!

Looks like you’ll never need your morning coffee ever again!

Stuck in a rut at work? Shoot up a little glass, and you’ll be able to jump ten miles out of that rut in no time. Heck, you’ll be able to jump all the way to the moon! Trying to finish that novel sitting on your desktop? Just snort a little crank, and you’ll be done with the sequel!

Wow! Even small amounts of meth diminish your appetite, so don’t even worry about having to eat. Weight loss hack, right? Save money and calories while also maximizing your productivity!

And, if you make sure you don’t do too much, you won’t even feel like there are insects crawling under your skin! Doesn’t that sound too good to be true? You get all the most exciting perks of meth without those pesky side effects. Count us in!

Since you’re only shooting up pretty tiny amounts of crystal, it’s probably safe to do it every single day. Woohoo! Doing acid every day is a thing of the past. Let’s give a warm welcome to our new best friend, crystal meth!

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