Grandfather Looking Down At Family From Heaven Catches Glimpse Of Grandson Jerking Off

Fondly looking down on his family from heaven, recently deceased Abraham Barnes’ smile reportedly quickly turned into a frown when he realized that what he was seeing through the pearly white gates was his grandson Tyler wanking. 

“Ew, I think I’ll refrain from checking in with the family for a while,” said Barnes, trying to erase the image of his daughter’s son playing with himself from his immortal mind’s eye. 

Tyler Barnes, who friends and family confirm was especially shaken by his grandfather Abraham’s passing, is reportedly comforted by the thought his grandfather can still keep tabs on the family from up above.

“I can’t believe Grandpa Abe is gone, but it’s nice to know that he could be looking down on us at any moment,” said Tyler, unaware that the moment his late grandfather looked down on him was the exact moment he came into a tissue.

At press time, Abraham Barnes was shaking his head after accidentally peering down on Tyler and his friends sharing a joint.

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