We Bet You Can’t Resist These Mouth-Watering Images Of Curdled, Clumpy Cottage Cheese

Mmm MMMM! Don’t you just love cottage cheese? Nothing makes our tummies rumble quite like the sound of a lump of cottage cheese falling off of a spoon and splatting back into the tupperware container. Half thin and runny, half thick and gloopy, this favorite snack of ours is bound to leave a creamy white ring of fermented residue around your lips. For those of you craving the sour tang of this unripened schmierkase, here are some mouth-watering pictures to tide over your taste buds until you can get back home, open the fridge, and peel the plastic lid off a tub of these soupy, mildly flavored curds. 


Cottage cheese

Cottage Cheese and Salsa is tasty

Cottage Cheese!



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