Oh, You’re Actually Gonna Have Another Slice? Good For You!

Oh, you’re actually gonna eat another one? Oh my God, go for it! We totally didn’t realize you wanted another slice, we were just about to put it back in the fridge. But yes, go for it!

We mean, we personally wouldn’t, but that’s always been one of the things we like most about you. Not afraid to just, you know, eat whatever you feel like eating.

Seriously, we wish we could be more like you. We always limit myself and just end up hungry later. We’d love to try and take a page from your book and really let myself loose, but we just don’t think we have it in us. Just going for it like that is honestly what we’ve always admired about you.

Wow, you finished that so quickly! Good for you. We feel like we eat slowly because we’re savoring every bite. But when you eat as much food as you want, we guess you don’t really need to savor it. You can just eat slice after slice without looking back.

God, we would definitely get a stomachache if we ate like you’re eating. We wish we didn’t have such a sensitive stomach!

Mm, was that good? You can have another one if you want! Seriously, go on — we know you want to. Usually it takes us a week to finish all that by yourself, but you’ve done it in one night! Bravo! We guess we did help out with half a slice, but it was really all you. Honestly, we’re jealous! And so impressed. 

If you want, we can go for frozen yogurt later. Personally, we’re stuffed, but we know how you get hungry. Or maybe you’d want ice cream? Yeah, ice cream sounds more like something you’d be into. We probably won’t get anything, maybe we’ll try a sample. You’ll have to eat enough for both of us — again!

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