The 5 Best States To Visit, Other Than Oregon, Which Just Legalized Magic Mushrooms

The United States of America has so much to offer that many Americans have never even left! People who want to visit the USA can choose from what feels like an infinite number of climates, terrains, and atmospheres. Hot, cold, beach, city, or even desert — the USA has it all. But with so much to choose from, where’s the best place to go for just a quick getaway? Have no fear, because we’re here to provide you with the five best states to visit, other than Oregon, of course, which is automatically the best because it just legalized psilocybin mushrooms.

1. New York

The state of New York is home to America’s most iconic city. But New York has so much more to offer than just the Big Apple — breathtaking mountains, majestic wildlife, and suburban bliss! New York also experiences all four seasons, so you’ll be able to fully embrace summer, winter, fall, and spring. We’ve put the Empire State on this list because this Northeastern paradise truly has it all — except, of course, the legalization of magic mushrooms, thus making it at least 10 times worse than Oregon.

2. Colorado

Colorado is a skier’s paradise! Known for its laid-back vibes and unbelievable views, this state is so much more than just the city of Denver. One other aspect that secures Colorado’s spot on this list is that it was a trailblazer in legalizing marijuana. That’s great and all, but in Oregon, both marijuana and shrooms are legal, thus making Oregon vastly superior to Colorado and also every other state. Don’t get us wrong, weed is great and all, but have you ever traveled to a different dimension and had a conversation with a horned toad made out of stone and then turned into a tadpole and experienced the entire lifecycle of an Australian green tree frog after a hit from a joint? Yeah, we didn’t think so.

3. Texas

Howdy, y’all! One of the most iconic states in the country, Texas is famous for cowboys, barbecues, and country music. And who can forget the great cities of Austin and Houston? If you’re looking for something different, Texas is the place for you, unless you’re looking for somewhere you can trip absolute sack without technically breaking the law, like you can in Oregon.

4. Michigan

The mitten state! Although often overlooked, who can help but fall in love with this midwestern gem? Despite its harsh winters, you can enjoy vibrant orchards, the beautiful wineries of Traverse City, the charm of Mackinac Island, and the rustic forests of the Upper Peninsula. Michigan is also home to Detroit, the home of the auto industry and Motown Records! One thing Michigan is not home to, however, is legislature that allows the use of psilocybin mushrooms, a powerful fungus that can take you on a life-changing psychedelic experience and forever alter your outlook on the world.

 5. Massachusetts

Craving a taste of American history? Look no further! The city of Boston alone is a living museum, having been home to Paul Revere, and, of course, the Boston Tea Party. Don’t like history? Go watch the Red Sox play at Fenway Park or visit Harvard Square, the plaza connected to the world’s most famous university! Embrace that distinct New England feel with some Clam Chowder while looking over the Bay. Unfortunately, that distinct New England feel does not include a blissful body high as your brain navigates new pathways of consciousness, eventually arriving at enlightenment and offering a fresh new lens through which to view society, like the one you can obtain in the great and unbeatable state of Oregon.

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