6 Dumb Kids Who Look Like They Have A Peanut Allergy

Here are six stupid kids who look like they have a peanut allergy.

1. Reggie

If you’ve eaten peanut butter today, make sure to wash your hands before you even think about going anywhere near Reggie.

2. Debbie

If a peanut-free snack was made in a factory that even processes peanuts, Debbie probably can’t eat it. That’s how severe her allergy looks.

3. Sam

The king of the cafeteria’s peanut-free table.

4. Jen

Thanks a lot, Jen. Now the entire class isn’t allowed to bring any snacks with peanuts in them just because of your dumb allergy.

5. Gregory

Look at his stupid face. He probably carries around like 16 EpiPens and wears one of those bracelets telling everyone his weak little body can’t handle peanuts.

6. Martha

Not only does Martha look like she’s allergic to peanuts, but she also looks like she’s allergic to eggs, shellfish, sesame, dairy, and soy.



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