Dieting Win: This Dog Got Super Skinny After Its Owners Refused To Feed It For 3 Months

Want to see what a dieting absolute win looks like? Meet Lola. Lola is just the cutest four-year-old pooch with some kick-ass owners! The Jensen family from Tallahassee, Florida helped Lola reach all her weight loss goals by refusing to feed her for three whole months!

Woah! Let’s give it up for the Jensen family. Their methods made sure that Lola wouldn’t even have to rely on any of her own willpower to achieve her dream body.

For an entire three months, Lola was forced to scrounge for scraps or crumbs around her neighborhood. We sure wish someone would restrict our eating like that!

While healthy dogs of Lola’s size can weigh anywhere from 60-100 pounds, Lola weighs an impressive 40. Amazing! Someone call up Petco, because I think we’ve found their newest model!

Apparently, Lola didn’t even do any exercise except for running away from one of her owners after he had a bad day at work. Sounds like the perfect cardio to us — hard, but fun! For an added bonus, she even got to do some running when he got drunk, too.

Lola’s A+ diet ended when she was relocated to a different home. What a shame — she was doing so well on her dieting journey. But let’s not lose all faith in this sexy beast! Only time will tell if Lola is able to keep her eating under control and stay as thin as she is now.

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