Top 5 Advent Calendars That You’ll Probably Binge Eat On December 1st

’Tis the season to start counting down the days to Christmas on that delicious advent calendar of yours! But let’s face it: delayed gratification isn’t exactly your strong suit. Here are this year’s top advent calendars that probably won’t even live to see December 2nd thanks to you.

(If you prefer to do it the traditional way, we guess you could always buy 25 advent calendars and still eat one a day.)

Christmas Candy Countdown Advent Calendar by Dylan’s Candy Bar:

Mmm, did someone say candy? This deluxe, handcrafted calendar comes with 25 individually-wrapped sweets! You’d think the fact that you have to unwrap each treat before you eat it would slow you down, but — oops! Guess not. 

Peppermint Bark Advent Calendar by Williams Sonoma:

This minty, mouthwatering motherlode by Williams Sono — Christ almighty, you finished it already?! Did you even have time to finish reading the label?? For God’s sake, you need to control yourself next year. Peppermint bark doesn’t grow on trees!

‘The Grinch’ Christmas Holiday Countdown Calendar by Chocolate Advent Calendar:

Now this is an advent calendar on which you’ll undoubtedly feast, feast, feast, feast! Said to come with authentic samples of Who-Pudding, Who-Hash, and rare Who-Roast Beast, there’s no way that, left alone with you, this calendar could survive even a day. Looks like the Grinch’s heart isn’t the only thing that’s going to grow three sizes this year!

Classic Santa Advent Calendar by Lindt:

Ho, Ho, Ho! This Claus-themed calendar comes with a whole sack-full of goodies personally approved by the big man himself! Too bad you don’t have the wherewithal to make it last until he comes to visit. At this rate, you may as well get started on those milk and cookies.

Vegan Chocolate Advent Calendar by No Whey! Foods:

Okay, this one will probably last well into 2021.

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