Wow: Scientists Have Found A Way To Extract This Strange, Tangy Liquid From An Orange

Hold onto your hats because this one’s gonna blow you away! Scientists have discovered that some type of strange, tangy liquid can be extracted from an orange.

What. The. Fuck. After all these years of thinking an orange is just any old fruit, it turns out there’s more to the orange orb than we ever could have known.

Scientists still aren’t sure if the orange liquid is dangerous or not. Preliminary hypotheses guess that the liquid might be useful for things like washing your hair, using as windshield washer fluid, and putting in your car instead of gas.

We don’t know anything about the process the scientists used to extract the crazy new liquid, but if we had to guess, we would say they put something really, really, really heavy — like a monster truck or ten pianos or something — on top of the orange.

Wow! Science is awesome! But we do have to wonder, is it okay to keep eating oranges if we know they contain this mysterious liquid? Our guess is probably not, but let’s leave it to the scientists to figure this one out!

It’s crazy that after so many years of eating oranges, we’re still far away from knowing all the secrets of the colorful fruit. We’re so excited to learn more about everything this citrus sphere has to offer!

Uh-oh — it turns out scientists are currently warning people everywhere to drop their oranges until they find out more information about the strange substance. Well, who knows what it’s for, but we hope that when the scientists find out more information, they tell us we can use it instead of bathwater! Taking an orange bath? Um, how about one thousand times yes!

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