Gym Scale Clearly Off By A Few To 25 Pounds

Based on the dissatisfaction of the last few people who weighed themselves using the scale in the women’s locker room, reports have surfaced that it is probably safe to assume the scale’s readings are off by anywhere from 3–25 pounds. 

Furthermore, based on the readings, which have been described by many from personal experience as “definitely incorrect,” gym patrons have given themselves permission to subtract anywhere from 3–25 pounds from what the scale says is their current weight. 

“Last time I weighed myself here, the scale said I was 160,” said gym member Katie Pérez. “But this time, it said I was 165, which is clearly wrong, which means the 160 was probably wrong too. I’m guessing my real weight is closer to 145.”

“The scale in the locker room is wildly inaccurate,” added personal trainer Martha Murphy. “That’s not to say I don’t still use it. I just make sure to round down every time.” 

However, although many gym patrons agree the scale readings are false, there has yet to be a consensus on how many pounds the scale has been wrongly adding. 

After several complaints, a maintenance person was sent to check out the situation and confirmed that the scale was, in fact, off by 3 to 25 pounds — just in the opposite direction as previously believed. 

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