Praise The Lord! The Catholic Church Is Now Offering Low-Calorie Communion

Thank God: after thousands of years, the Catholic Church is finally offering a Sacrament-Lite option for congregations looking to receive Communion without receiving a ton of empty calories. 

Can we get an amen!

Usually, if you want to receive Communion, that means eating an entire cube of bread and a large sip of wine that can be as many as 10 calories. 

Not to mention, once the food and drink have been blessed, they become the body and blood of Christ — and there’s no telling how many calories are jam-packed in that single serving of Jesus. 

Now, though, they give you the option to just kneel at the altar and fold your arms across your chest, signifying to the priest that you’d prefer to just receive the blessing instead. No eating required! The Sacrament-Lite: talk about a gift from heaven. 

Looks like Jesus died not only for our sins, but for our dream bodies as well!

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