3 Horror Movie Escape Scenes That Were Also Really Good Workouts

There’s nothing like a good horror movie to get your heart pumping and that adrenaline flowing. In fact, studies show that being chased by a serial killer is one of the best forms of exercise; when your body goes into panic mode, it’s a lot easier to beat your current mile time. With that in mind, here are three of the all-time-best horror movie escape scenes that are also three of the all-time-best workouts. 

The Silence of the Lambs: Stuck in the Well:

Technically, Catherine Martin doesn’t end up making it out of the well on her own. But boy, does she try to. With nothing to eat but bones, and nothing to think about except all the other women who have died trying to claw their way out of there, there’s nowhere to go but up — literally. Climbing is great exercise because it engages all of the body’s muscles. Plus, talk about motivation: if she loses enough weight, Buffalo Bill won’t even want her for her skin. You’ve gotta be a size 14, remember? 

Saw: The Razor Wire Maze:

Ok, we can all agree there’s something sick about making a suicidal man climb through a tangle of razor blades in order to escape. Also, he doesn’t end up escaping, and the gashes all over his body lead to his stomach acid being drained out onto the floor. But that doesn’t mean we can’t appreciate the creativity that went into planning this exercise and the potential payoff if you can survive. Geez, can you imagine how flexible he could have gotten winding his way through all that razor wire if he had made it out alive? 

The Shining: Final Chase Scene:

Ah yes, our favorite. If only someone could lock us in an enormous ski lodge with our stir-crazy husband. This escape-scene workout has everything: running through endless corridors of blood, using your body weight to hold shut heavy doors, tramping through snow, lifting up weapons, not to mention that glorious maze…. Also, Wendy has to carry her creepy son everywhere, which is great for toning her triceps and biceps. And who knows, maybe that imaginary-friend-demon-thing living inside her son racks on a few extra pounds for her to deadlift!


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