Ew: This Woman Drinks Tap Water

While we all know it’s important to take any food or beverage in moderation, there’s one thing that should absolutely never be consumed under any circumstances: tap water. If you drink filthy, disgusting tap water, you might as well be drinking from a used toilet.

Nevertheless, people still drink this toxic sludge. Just last night, we spotted Brooklyn local Monica Gray at a restaurant saying she was okay with tap water instead of bottled water.

Revolting. Is she trying to poison herself? 

We would rather lick the turnstiles in a New York City subway station than drink water that doesn’t come from a bottle. What’s even the point of drinking water if it isn’t mineral water?

Monica might as well start writing her will right now. If she doesn’t make the switch to bottled water ASAP, she’s a goner.

Could she really not cough up the extra $2.99 that would grant her access to water that won’t destroy her body and rot her brain?

We would never be caught dead drinking anything but safe, clean Fiji. If you can’t afford Fiji like we can, Poland Spring or Dasani will have to do — and it also might just save your life. If you care about your body in any way, make sure to go out and buy bottled water in bulk.

Sickening as it is, the consumption of tap water is an epidemic. If a friend or loved one is drinking from the faucet, stage an intervention immediately.

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