Get Rid Of Your Wrinkles Fast With This One Common Household Appliance

Have you tried every single treatment out there to get rid of the lines on your forehead? Do the creams you put on your crow’s feet just simply not work? Well, what if we told you that the solution has been lying under your nose this whole time?

Leading dermatologists and plastic surgeons are now claiming that the best method to get rid of wrinkles is to use your common household iron. Did you think an iron was just for wrinkles in clothes? Think again! With your trusty ol’ hand iron, you can set yourself free from aging with less time and money than any other treatment.

Woah — who would have guessed that the fountain of youth can be purchased from any department store for less than $20?

Here’s how it works: heat up your iron to its highest setting and then firmly run it along the wrinkles that you want to disappear. Once the severe burns peel off in a few months, your skin will be as smooth and tender as a freshly-pressed shirt! 

The results speak for themselves. Aging adults everywhere have been replacing Botox and wrinkle creams with a single five-minute ironing session. Quick, easy, and effective!

“After giving up Botox for my reliable Rowenta, I can never go back,” said 61-year-old Grace Davidson, covered head to toe in bandages and scheduled to get a skin graft later that day. “Now that I’ve burned off all my wrinkles, the doctors say they’ll never come back.”

Some companies have started developing smaller irons for the hard-to-reach areas around your eyes, but most doctors agree that it’s acceptable to just press your entire face into the steaming surface of a full-sized iron.

Plus, you may never need makeup again! For the rest of their lives, people who use the iron method will always have a cheery red glow to their skin.

Hurry! If you buy today, BLACK+DECKER is throwing in an ironing board that you can lie on while a trusted friend irons you like a pair of dress pants.

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