New Airline Pilot Just Gonna Use Waze

Reports from the cockpit of American Airlines flight 0491 from New York (JFK) to London (LHR) are showing that new pilot Drake Marshall is just going to throw it in Waze.

“I’ve only flown across the Atlantic a couple times, so I should probably have Waze on, right?” Marshall asked his co-pilot. “Or would Google Maps work better?”

Marshall started mounting his iPhone 11 on the windshield as soon as he entered the cockpit.

“I’m pretty sure I know the way up until Massachusetts, but I’m gonna have to rely on my phone once we get to Nova Scotia,” continued Marshall, setting the Waze Voice to “Boy Band.” “It says here the flight time is just over six hours, but we can probably make it in five if I really step on it.”

According to flight crew, Waze continuously re-routed Marshall once he made wrong turn after wrong turn.

“Do you think I can make a U-turn here?” Marshall asked his co-pilot. “It’s not a one-way, right?”

In an attempt to secure some Waze points, Marshall tried to report some turbulence over Newfoundland.

Although Waze frequently warned that a police car was reported ahead, sources show that these were false claims.

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