Recipe: Hydrating One-Ingredient Soup

If you loved our zero-calorie smoothie, you won’t want to miss this refreshing new dish that our chefs have been working on for months. Even if you’re an amateur in the kitchen, don’t worry! This hydrating soup is hassle-free and easy to clean up.

The best thing about this soup is its versatility. While you can enjoy it as an appetizer or entrée, it pairs well with just about any other dish!

And with only one ingredient, you might even already have everything you need to make this soup in your pantry.

One caveat we should add is that if you’re eating a large helping of this delicious soup, you might want to consider skipping out on any other dishes or sides — it’s important not to let your body have too many calories per day.

Hydrating One-Ingredient Soup

-6 cups bottled water

Bring water to boil. Pour into bowls and serve. For a refreshing summer dish, let chill before serving. Makes 3 portions.

For this recipe, it’s extremely important to remember to use bottled water. Disgusting tap water will ruin the flavor profile and leave you with a tasteless, watery mess.

Served hot or cold, this soup is a crowd-pleaser that’ll have everyone at the table begging for more. It’s popular with both adults and kids, so it’s sure to become one of those dishes that the whole family bonds over.

 You might not believe it because of how good this broth tastes, but it’s low in both carbs and fat! A culinary miracle!

Move over, Campbell’s. Our soup is lower in calories and more refreshing. What more could you ask for?

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