Lonely On NYE? Here Are 5 People We Found On The Street Who’d Be More Than Happy To Give You A New Year’s Kiss

Worried about finding that extra-special someone to ring in the New Year with? Well, have we got news for you! This year’s been hard enough already; the last thing you need weighing on your mind is which hottie’s lips you’re gonna smack on at the stroke of midnight. That’s why we took the liberty of finding someone for you! Or actually, many someones!

Here are five people who, when we stopped them on the street to ask, seemed very eager to kiss you.


Kevin wasn’t one for words, but when we showed him a picture of you he frantically nodded, grabbed the picture, and ran before we could stop him. We’ll take that as a yes!


In his own words, Leopold is “rolling in it.” He says he’s got connections in high places and will make this worth your while. That sounded like a pretty good deal to us, so we went ahead and gave him your phone number and email address. No need to thank us!


Oh Mildred, you sly dog. She might be 91, but Milly’s still got it! And trust us, we would know; she demonstrated her smooching prowess on the back of her hand multiple times.


He’s a little shy, but that won’t stop him from becoming someone’s special guy some day. Maybe that could be you! Only one way to find out…

Elizabeth F. Sherman

Elizabeth told us to tell you to find the money in the envelope hidden in the alleyway behind the bookstore on the corner of West and Charleston. Use the money to buy yourself a tram ticket on the S Line headed south. Exit the station on the right, and then take the stairs that lead down under the street to Angelo’s Pub. She’ll meet you there. If anyone asks, tell them “the moon looks bright tonight,” and that Ol’ Liza sent you.

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