Awkward! The ‘Masked Singer’ Host Tried To Remove Squiggly Monster’s Mask Only To Realize He Wasn’t Wearing One

Yikes! Talk about second-hand embarrassment: after voting to eliminate the contestant “Squiggly Monster” and reveal his identity to the crowd, The Masked Singer host Nick Cannon attempted to pull off the singer’s mask only to realize he was never wearing one. 

“Oops, sorry,” said Cannon awkwardly, after grabbing the singer’s ears, which he just assumed were part of an elaborate costume used to disguise the identity of the singer as is traditional on the show.  

Cannon later apologized for his embarrassing mistake, explaining that he hadn’t realized the singer’s six arms, seven eyes, and neon fur were real. 

“To be honest, this whole time I thought it was Bob Saget hiding under there,” said Cannon. “It never crossed my mind that ‘Squiggly Monster’ was the singer’s actual first and last name.” 

The Masked Singer representatives have since reached out to Monster to discuss the mix-up and to take steps to prevent this type of situation from happening again in the future. 

“From now on, we will make it explicitly clear that the show is only intended for human contestants,” announced a talent recruiter for the series. 

At press time, Squiggly Monster was packing up his belongings for the flight home, saying, “That’s the last time I ever enter a singing competition.”

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